I am child of God, father and mother.  I am complex becoming simpler.  I am seeker and late bloomer.  I am writer, explorer, wonderer, marveler at God’s immaculate intricacy.  I am a student of life and a practitioner of love.

I am catholic that is universal, and Catholic that is one, holy, and apostolic.

I am an artichoke and an ancient oak.  I am prickly and thorny, sinful and worldly.  I am expansive and tender, mossy and majestic.

I am blessed beyond measure as wife, mother, daughter, sister, in-law, friend.

I love children, animals, nature, and people, often in that order.

I pray for a pure heart from which to love and embrace all of humanity and each individual human.

I believe in the communion of saints, that is, every life who has ever touched mine and every life I have ever touched is eternally a part of me and I them.  I carry in my heart at all times all the souls of those I have met and know, and I love them through Him, with Him, and in Him.